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A giddy spectacle about our nation's glorious mix of violence and entertainment and the patriotic role of children in a militarized state.

CHILDREN'S GUIDE TO WEAPONS is a multimedia carnival-like exhibition/event featuring an interactive shooting game — hosted by “Cupcake,” our teddy bear guide — animated tributes to beloved weapons, drone war coloring books, twisted patriotic stickers, and militarized stuffed animals. The show provides good clean fun for the whole family and shares our desire to teach children moral values and to weaponize them as early as possible.

Gallery of Patriotic Stickers
Gallery of Drone Coloring Book Images
Gallery of Cupcake Sculptures
Stand with Cupcake and Recite the Pledge of Allegiance!

I pledge Allegiance to the Weapons of the United States of America, and to the Corporate Arms Makers for which they stand, One War Machine under God, Insatiable, with Bullets and Bombs for all.